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Ad Dragon lets you buy and sell ad space directly without going through an ad exchange.

Platform launching Q4 2018! 🎉
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The Elevator Pitch

"Ad Dragon is a marketplace for ads. That's it!

Back in the old days, people used to buy and sell ads directly between each other.

Then came the ad exchange. Ad exchanges use complex algorithms to serve ads based on data they collect about users online.

Increasingly people are not happy about the invasive data mining and the ad exchange algorithms are becoming less effective. Publishers are making less money and advertisers and not getting the ROI they expect.

We wanted to give people the tools to buy and sell ads without any invasive data mining or overcomplicated algorithms.

So we created an ad marketplace. A platform where publishers can list their inventory and advertisers can buy ads in real time!"

Elman Sahibi ~ CMO @ Ad Dragon

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